Hamiltons of Pelham

frans rood

A Mississauga native, Frans specializes in "raku" art, a pottery firing technique that originated in Japan. His pieces speak of colour, elegance, and an artistic soul.


hans backer

Having worked in the photo industry for over 35 years, Hans is inspired by nature as well as the innate beauty in all that he sees. We are very pleased to present his deeply individual photography.


matthew nakhawale

Matthew was born in 1978 in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare. Both his father, Emanuel Nakhawale, and his uncle were very involved in the Shona sculpting movement.

angelo rossi

Angelo is one of the greatest glass blowers in the world, bringing the Venetian tradition to Niagara with his exquisite pieces in both the traditional and non traditional styles.

sam toft

Sam's pieces are whimsical, playful, and inspire a sort of childlike take on the world. Colour meets clever drawings and tickling imagery of a family she calls the Mustards.

joe mutasa

Joe maintains that he was born a sculptor, and he gave up his study of public relations to pursue his passion full time. Joe is on of the most prominent names of second generation sculpting.


The late Colleen Madamombe was a women's advocate, leader in the Shona art movement, and master craftsman and artist. We are honoured to showcase her pieces.

jonathan mhondorohuma

Jonathan's pieces are inspired by his three children and wife, Faith. We are proud to call Jonathan Hamiltons of Pelham's 2013 resident artist.

artist profiles

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shu-chen cheng

Originally from Taiwan, Shu-Chen is now a local Hamilton artist specializing in "raku" art, a pottery firing technique that originated in Japan. Her pieces speak of whimsicality and colour.

james phiri

James was born and currently lives in Guruve, Zimbabwe. His pieces are inspired by nature, and he specializes in abstract flower forms. James is married with a son and a daughter.

vanassa rangisse

Vanassa's pieces speak of character, and his choice in stone is particularly interesting, with a wide variety of stone types and patterns. A very interesting artist.

brighton bere

Brighton stands as a renowned Zimbabwean sculptor, the protege of the late Daniel Muyurimi. His art speaks of raw passion and and intensity, a feast for the eyes​​.

Vera romoda

Another local artist, Vera draws on her Hungarian roots to create colourful and soulful pieces of all types. Her work brings light, joy, and imagination to one's life and home.

joe speck

Joe finds inspiration in idyllic Niagara, drawing from our natural beauty to create art. He works primarily in fused glass of all shapes and colour to create beautiful pieces.