Hamiltons of Pelham

Her pieces have been collected and displayed internationally in shows from Toronto to the Hamilton Airport to our very own shop. We are thrilled to be working with such an interesting and excited artist as Shu-Chen.

Shu-Chen is also a patron of the unique art of horsehair Raku, which creates a pattern on the pottery by removing each piece from the Raku kiln at the perfect temperature and applying horse hair. The result is a carbonized horsehair pattern.

shu-chen cheng

Shu-Chen specializes in Raku, a pottery style from Japan traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Her original twist on this traditional technique allows for an eye-catching and totally unique piece to be created.

Shu-Chen herself is originally from Taiwan, but now lives and creates art in Hamilton, Ontario. She says “working with clay has brought me much joy in life. What I value most is the challenge of self-realization through the creative process. While others may write a daily journal, my diary is written in clay. Each one of us has our own contribution on this Earth. [As] an artist, it is my goal to pursue excellence through my art.”